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March 16, 2010, 9:57 pm
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Dear Jorgen,

I have read your blog about health on the run; I think it is a very intresting story since I can relate to it. I was used eating very healthy, fresh vegetables and fresh fruit, a homemade soup,… delicious. Nevertheless since my life changed and I became more busy and had to travel more, i find it more difficult in keeping that healthy habit on the road. So I became more creative and would like to share some of the tips which I think are very useful.

1.- Always keep cutlery with you. I had a gift of somebody for outside travel purposes which is great.

2.- Instead of a fast food bite somewhere, check if there is a supermarket in the neighbourhood and buy a salad.

3.- Take some fruit with you, I personally take an apple, since this helps with the natural detox of your body.

4.- For dinner or warm meals, look for places where you can buy small dices with vegetables and preferably no carbohydrates.

5.- Take some multivitamins with you. Be sure those are not synthetic. I (Jorgen) can recommend multivitamins from New Chapter, Solgar or Life Extension.

6.- I (Jorgen) would like to make an addition to these tips:

a. Read the nutrition label of everything you buy, be especially carefull with products containing high doses of sugar and fructose. Juices can be healthy nevertheless they contain a lot of sugar too.

b. Drink plenty of water 2,5 liter every day is really the minimum!

c. Eat products with a low Glycemic Index (I will write about this in a later post). This means mainly whole wheat products, no white rice, no white bread, etc.

d. Make sure you eat regular during the day, 5 to 6 times a little instead of once a day (evening) a whole bunch and the rest of the day nearly anything. Your metabolism will really be messed up when you do!

Thanks Miriam for your Tips.

Have an OUTSTANDING day & Live Healthy.


PS If you would like some advice about how to eat please do not hestitate to contact me